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Damsel Dash is a third person arcade-type game featuring bondage and lots of damsels in distress. Although the game is currently complete, it may receive updates in the future with more content if there is a good response. Due to graphics and other limitations, it is currently only playable on windows with a mid to high range PC.

Four Game Modes:

  • Jailor's Joy - capture as many damsels as possible and bring them back to the jail cell without getting caught yourself
  • Capture Fest - capture all the damsels in the level as quickly as you can
  • Search and Rescue - find the prison key and rescue the single jailed damsel without getting caught once
  • Race to the Finish - no damsels to capture or rescue here... just get to the three checkpoints as quickly as possible

Notable Features:

  • Upgrade your armor / clothes via the vendor in the main hub
  • Buy different ways to restrain your damsels
    • Armbinders, Rope
    • Ball Gags, Ring Gags, Panel Gags, Tape Gags
  • Leash your captives and lead them around
  • Lose control as NPC's capture and tie you up
    • Struggle out of your bonds before resuming your objective
  • Explore different bondage positions:
    • Strappado
    • Hands Over Head
    • Kneeling
    • Hogtie
    • Elbows Bound
  • Tie your damsels to specific mounting points in the world so they don't run away
    • Be careful, other free damsels may try to untie those who you just tied up if you leave them alone!
  • Gag your damsels to silence them from calling out for help
  • Upgrade your special abilities to help you escape capture

Recommended Specs

  • Windows 10
  • Graphics Card: 1050-TI
  • Ram: 8gb
  • CPU: Intel i5
  • A nice monitor to look at those sexy damsels
Release date Jan 21, 2020
AuthorDID Digital
Made withUnreal Engine, Blender
Tags3D, adult, Arcade, bondage, damselindistress, Fantasy, nsfw, Singleplayer, Third Person, Unreal Engine
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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so all over now ?


Yes. it seems that the author picked up the coronavirus and died

too much you say so. 

we can not use this words, and nor could anyone.

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Well, I could be able to do it. Do you have other words or excuses for the one who sells the broken goods, and then disappears?


Rather then continually bash somebody, why dont you do something productive, go learn how to program and make a game, and fix all the problems that everyone brings up to you about it. Maybe then you will learn some decency, and respect those who are trying to make games. If I was that developer, coming back to read the comments and I came across all your demoralizing comments. I would stop too.


you know, I am a developer too... and I work on my own game. so I have the right to criticize the guy, what simply disappeared with my 8 dollars ))


talking about the dev having coronovirus is kinda messed up, but he's not wrong about this game being toast. I payed 8$ and felt it was more than reasonable at the time when envisioning how cool the game could become, but knowing now that it's probably not going to be updated it feels like I pissed the money away


you hold words i wanted say. and THIS fucking comments will then make the developer never come back.

Is it possible to buy the game with Paypal or Safecard, unfortunately I don't have a credit card.


do not buy it. you will be disappointed. It has bugs and glitches. the author abandoned its development.


Paypal does not work, try a Safecard?

The game may be a bit buggy, but it is still fun.


I really enjoy this game and hope that it's not dead in the water!

Just bought this, love how it's coming along.  Found a few bugs with models getting stuck still even though they're leashed sometimes and the panty colour always reverts back to white.

Something extra options that I'd really love to see would be bondage clothing (chastity belts, bondage bras, corsets, harnesses, pony boots), crotch rope and breast bondage.  That would be awesome.

You could buy it again?

People have reported that the payment couldn't go through. 

If you could that's good news.


It's through PayPal that was messing up, using a card worked.

a whole month has passed ... it’s time to already do an update or at least a bug repair


The developer has disappeared, as far as anyone can tell.


Whta about news or/and updates?


First let me say I absolutely LOVE this game.  This is the kind of DiD game I've waited years for, perfectly mixing capture and escape mechanics.  Now, there are a few bugs that I'd like to address.

1.  There is no way to escape the arm-binder.  I triggered one as a trap once and had to restart.

2.  Once a Dom is tethered to a wall or ceiling trap, it is impossible for them to escape on their own or be freed by another Dom.  I don't mind having them out of the equation, but I'd rather have it be because I locked them in the jail.

3.  A couple times I've tied a Dom's hands in front and been leading them back to the cell.  When they catch up to me, they instantly free themselves and my character can no longer move.  It would probably be ok if a Dom recaptured me, but they completely ignore me as well.  This also required a restart to fix.

4.  There doesn't seem to be a way to rescue the damsel in the abandoned building map.  Even if you get both keys you can never untie her.

Other than that, I have nothing but good things to say.  I love the animations.  The AI is incredibly well designed.  I never once saw them get stuck on a wall, or even the cell door.  Their path-finding is incredible.  With 4 different games to choose from I thought I'd get bored early, but I find myself coming back again and again.

I do have some suggestions, such as adding more to the escape mechanic than just pressing a button.  I saw someone mention handcuffs and maybe finding a key to unlock them, or a knife to cut the ropes.  This could be implemented in a harder difficulty to allow players to choose whether or not they want this.

Overall, AMAZING job!  I'm seriously looking forward to more content.


payment via PayPal seems to be broken.
I'm getting this error "Failed to create PayPal payment (422)".



Love it!

Two bugs tho: When loading into any level (including the main hub) the panty color when just in undies turns white and you must cycle back through to what you want. Also after buying the high boots the "high" part will appear upon loading even if the boots are toggled off and require you to equip and then unequip the boots to remove. Not major game breaking things more quality of life.

It's a fun game, but I can't finish the search and rescue mission the gag comes off, but it just gives me infinite rope and doesn't untie the damsel.


Love the game.
Possible bug: can't escape out of an armbinder, triggered one as a trap while picking it up.

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Love this game.

After four days I managed to stop playing long enough to write this comment.

 I felt like i needed to say that because if I only submitted a bug report it may come of as negative.

Bug report

Doms not accepting capture

Sometimes when you capture a dom they don't behave like captured in multiple possible ways. Sometimes if she was walking when I sneaked up on  her she just keeps walking with her hands tied.  If I then leash her she will run away and if the leash between her and me get too long the game crashes. 

Sometimes she will appear caught but when she gets too close to me when she is led by a leash she will try to capture me, so I will lose control and my leashes (that i hold my captives in) are undone, but because the dom's leash got undone she will run away instead of capture me, so I just stand there without controls and can do nothing but end the match.

These might be most likely to happen if smoke is used to get close to the doms safely.

Strappado variations

If a captive is in a strappado position I can left click on her, my character will then do the "point down" animation (the same as when getting a girl to kneel) and the captive's arms will be lowered into a less extreme strappado. So far so good.

But in her new position some new things happen.

If I right click on her my character does the "point up" animation but nothing happens to the captive, and if I left click or press f mo character does the "tie up" animation and I lose a rope but nothing happens to the captive.

Servitude hit effect has a physical collider

Most notable if the spell is used when running up stairs, most annoying when trying to catch a damsel/dom with rapid fire as the second shot hits the effect from the first shot instead of the girl.

The immobile state

A state a girl can get into if she is partially untied by anyone but the player. In this state she can't be pushed with Q and she will not follow if leashed. The state can be broken by getting her to kneel and stand up again.

Example ways this state can happen are if a self freeing dom is tied with an armbinder, a gag and is leashed to a wall, she will get the gag of but try and fail to take of the armbinder and will be in this state.

Or you can give any girl an armbinder and let her run away, after a while she will stop and try to free herself, but fail and be immobile.

Rescue more important than getting captured

That refers to damsel priorities, when a damsel sees a captive she will run to rescue her and ignore being touched by the player (to get captured) if she don't see the player first (probably because of smoke).

Rescue of a led damsel

If I am leading a captive and she is spotted but I'm not (probably because of smoke) the spotter will try to free the captive but one of two things happen.

If the captive was back tied (wrist, elbows or armbinder ) her bonds will be removed except the leash and she will enter the immobile state and the leash can be of unlimited length.

If the captive was front tied she will be freed and she can never be leashed again. She might still follow me as if she was leashed, even if hogtied! (happened to me once)

Gag traps

If a ball gag spawner is a trap and the selected gag type is tape gag, when triggered the player will get a tape gag "equipped" but will have the ball gag facial expression.

"Unintended features" (aka useful bugs ,please don't fix) report

Can't rescue from neck leashes

If a girl is back tied and leashed to a wall she can't be rescued. The rescuer will remove all bonds except the leash and then she will just stand there until player interference. The captive will enter the immobile state.

Unlimited armbinders!

The game checks if I have ropes instead of armbinders when I use an armbinder.  If I have 5 ropes and 0 armbinders  and use an armbinder on a girl I will then have 5 ropes and -1 arminder. This and the last "feature" mentioned makes Capture fest too easy in my opinion.

Also if I "Ctrl f" removes an armbinder i don't get an armbinder, I get a rope. 1 rope + 1 damsel = unlimited ropes!

Unbreakable hogtie

If a damsel/dom is tied on the ground (flat down or hogtied), leash and then unleash her. She will be stuck in that position forever. The only thing you can do is gag/ungag and rotate.

A self freeing dom will play parts of the break free animation but she will not get loose. (Only way to keep her gaged)

Any girl spotting the captive will run up to rescue, but she will just stand there and look.

If the player tries to tie her further(from flat on the ground to hogtie) the character will do the "tie up" animation and lose one rope, but nothing happens.

If the player tries to untie her they will GAIN one rope but nothing happens. 4 ropes + 1 damsel = unlimited ropes faster!

That's the obvious bugs I have found, hope to see them fixed so this game goes from great to realy great.

How do you select different gags? I bought them all but i can only use ball gags when I hit G. If i have tape gags but no ball gags, nothing happens.

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Great game! Played it last night and really enjoyed it.

I will second the comments below about more methods and positions. Handcuffs, tape bondage, reverse prayer, tape wrap gags, multiple gags (tape over ballgag, etc), breast bondage, etc all will enhance the game and make it more enjoyable.

An item for purchase could also be better bondage skills, making it harder for opponents to escape.  For example, you could make a rope armbinder, total suspension, and other ways to really bind the damsels and make it harder for them to escape. 

What about changing the difficulty level?  Ways to increase/decrease the number of potential adversaries, and the speed with which they can walk/run?   High difficulty would have more potential damsels to capture and make them faster and more cunning to capture you, and low difficulty the opposite.  The payoff of course would be more rewards for beating a harder level.

When playing one level I found myself in the jail cell with no way out. Is there a way to 'give up' which would have the jailers come to get you, tie you up, and torture you? This could be variable, with different inescapeable bondage positions and methods, to make it more fun.

It would also be nice to change the physical attributes of the heroine and the other damsels, specifically boob/butt size, or maybe have a few body types to choose.  Perhaps this could be something 'purchased' with coins, as a reward for playing (i.e make the heroine hotter with bigger boobs).  And, when captured, they could strip you down and humiliate you.  You could also do the same to the others, and take their clothing. 

Possibly consider a game mode called 'escape' which starts with the heroine tied up, and needing to escape. It could start with simple bonds, with each capture they re-tie you tighter and with more restrictive bindings.  

Another game mode could involves handcuffs, where the heroine starts out handcuffed and needs to find the key to escape themselves, as well as any other hostages. Of course, with handcuffs on, they would be unable to capture anyone else, and so would need to only avoid any of the other damsels. You could also do this with ropes, except the ropes are inescapeable without finding a knife or scissors which may be hidden somewhere. 

Another fun addition would be some text dialogue.  Perhaps some taunting words when they capture you, bragging about how tight they are going to tie you up.  Same thing for when you capture damsels, taunting could be an option, but this might attract attention.  

Obviously this is a great game, and I LOVE It.  Any improvements will be awesome, but thought I would offer a few suggestions. Great job!

fantastic !  only hope that magic spell can be used to bind myself......maybe like rebounding from a mirror? 

Or, it maybe great if some enemy can use this spell or more traps in the map. 

oh , i must expose something unnecessary.

I just started playing, and wound up staying up waaay too late as a result! This is already fun and addictive, the perfect way for a fetishist to pass the time, and it still has so much potential to expand! I have some suggestions, but I haven't played all the game modes yet and I'm tired as hell, so I'll hold them for now. For the moment I just wanted to say congrats to the developer and great work, clearly a lot of time and effort has gone into this!

Just made an account to congratulate you on that great game. It's still a bit raw, but it shows great potential, and I had a ton of fun so far.

I'd like to offer a few suggestions, although I don't know if they are doable as I have no idea how programming works, so just throwing that out there:

- Captive carry: the leash is pretty neat, but it's a bit annoying that you can't move a captive after her legs are tied. You could have the player be able to carry the damsels, and then balance it by making the character walk slower while she's carrying a damsel. Also, you could have a similar kind of drawback for the leash, like maybe the damsels trying to run towards the guards.

- Damsels tying spots: the current anchor points could use a little more variety. Maybe you could add things like chairs, poles or beds that you could tie the damsels to.

- Damsels hiding spots: there could be some places when you can hide the damsels so the guards wouldn't find them, and come back to pick them up later. It could be all kinds of containers, depending on the map: chests, barrels, lockers, car trunks... That would add more interactive elements within each level, and could also be used for the "Rescue the Damsel" game mode, as the damsel could spawn in a random hiding spot and the players would have to look through them to find her.

- Crouching / infiltration: The current walking speed of the character is a bit too slow, and the running, well, it attracts attention. There could be a crouching feature like there are in many infiltration-oriented games, which would make the character faster and harder to spot. Of course, that would have to be balanced otherwise no one would walk anymore. Maybe by limiting crouching time to a few seconds? On a side note, this kind of game would really work with infiltration gameplay, so perhaps you could consider a more infiltration-oriented game mode? Like a more confined map where the player would have to reach a certain goal without any damsel raising the alarm?

Gag usefulness: if I'm not mistaken, gags are only cosmetic so far. Maybe it could have an impact on gameplay, like ungagged damsels being able to lure the guards from a further distance?

- Takedown / struggling animation: maybe you could add some kind of grabbing animation when captives are caught from behind, with an arm around the body and a hand over the mouth for example. Then, the damsel would be released when the player gives their first order (turn around, etc...). Also, a simple struggling animations for the captives would make them a bit more lively.

I believe that's all! Sorry for the long, long comment, I understand these are just ideas and might not be realistic, but hopefully they'll give you some more ideas for future updates :)

Will new binding methods be added, such as Japanese binding

Hello there! I had to create an account just to say how wonderful this game is! I did have a question, do the Guards/Doms already have the ability to gag the player? Because if they don't it would be awesome if they could. I haven't seen any instances of the Guard/Dom gagging the player even after I bought a gag(tape gag) But other than that keep up the good work! 

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Hi! It's a great game!I think the game can adds more costumes, props,  modeling, bondage style in the Character Customization.Keep up!

Hi! It's a great game! I hope you'll be able to update it because it's missing a little bit of content but overall a great game! Keep up!

Hi! First of all  , i have to say it's a really great game and hope it will be greatest! Just a question: how does update work? Can't find how to download the latest update file! (i have to say i bought the game before of course :D)  Keep up the good work !

Can someone help me, I cannot play the game. It gives an error that XAPOFX1_5.dll cannot be found. how make this work?

That would be an issue with directrix on your computer (software that helps games run for windows). Do you have windows 10? If you do it should be automatically installed. Perhaps you did something on your PC to uninstall it.

At any rate, check out this: https://www.lifewire.com/fix-xapofx1-5-dll-not-found-or-missing-errors-2624318

Thanks a lot. totally works now.

Keep up the good work

An interesting theme, simple yet efficient mechanics, very promising overall. Lacks a little in content (like game modes and maps), but otherwise a solid work. Keep at it.

Thank you!

Hello, I have played your game and the truth is good only that there are still several things missing, such as being able to torture captives, whether they take off their clothes, tickle them, etc.  The blindfold are missing, both for you and for the captives.  In game modes maybe you could add a run but your character is tied and instead of running it is jumping.  The power to tie the feet to the captives is missing so that when the transports go jumping.  Walking speed feels a bit heavy try to make it a little faster.  Missing that the captives fight a little feels very submissive until the nominees do not fight.  Another thing maybe you could add that when you don't have shoes your feet get dirty since you're supposed to be barefoot.  Another thing you must also add different types of capture such as being tied up in front of you or being taken to jail and not only the one you have so I feel that the gameplay improves.  Sorry if you don't understand much since I speak Spanish.  I make these observations not because it is bad but your game is really worth it

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Sorry I need to attach something else.  And it is to make a private cell where you can add any girl captured in free mode.  so that you can torture her without the need for you to enter the game modes

Thanks... I appreciate the feedback and will see what I can do!

I also want to note the extremely curved system of attaching the rope to the rings on the wall and ceiling. it just doesn't work. sometimes it’s almost impossible to attach the rope. You need to make the button “e” visible so that the player knows at what point to press it. in addition, there is a problem if a girl is standing near the door - the e button. You still have a lot to improve and speed up the gameplay. and also the quick-jerk ability (jump?) grapple is capable of throwing a player out of the map if he accelerates down the stairs.


I appreciate your feedback; I will do my best to improve the game for you!

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The game is really fun! I would like more game modes and positions for tying hands, such as a “boxtie” or “crossed wrists”, and the ability to tie girls to a pillar, chair, etc.  And, in my opinion, girls are very passive. If they fought a little more with the ropes ... But the game is very fun, and it has great potential. It would be great to play this game online with other players (for example, in the Horrorfield mode, when one player chases and binds 4 others).


I am glad you like it! And I appreciate the suggestions.

First of all, I have to say, this game is very catchy and has a great potential. So far, I've really enjoyed playing the game and I love the style of it!

Gameplay-wise, apart from a few bugs and sometimes a bit weird AI, it's really enjoyable, but it seems somewhat limited at the moment. I would like to "play" with my damsels when I catch them - for example, give then a nice ass-slap or tickle them :)
Also, and I know this might be a more distant future, a much bigger and richer world would be amazing!

Also, what's bothering me a bit is that I can't change mouse sensitivity, or any controls for that matter, but the keyboard controls are pretty straight-forward, so it's not that big of a deal.

But other than that, I am really glad this game exists, you've done an amazing work indeed, and I am looking forward to seeing how this game evolves. Keep up the great work!

I appreciate the feedback and am grateful you have enjoyed the game thus far! I plan to keep updating things further so stay tuned

the game has low dynamics. it makes sense to speed up the process of releasing a player by repeatedly pressing a button

I appreciate the feedback! I will see what I can do!

Thank you for a great game

I'm expecting bondage gear & style you will add

Do your best and do your best

Thank you for the kind words!

How do you get the armbinders to work. I have them purchased, but can't seem to use them on the submissive girls

Make sure you have the armbinder selected in the customize menu and make sure you have an armbinder in your inventory (collect one from a spawner in the game mode you are playing)

Hogtie Suspension should be a thing!

Is it finished or do you plan more bondage / levels?

Thanks for the suggestion. I do plan to add more positions and levels!

Hello, i have a question, i see that this game have stopwatch but, there is a limit time or you can cancel the mode when you want?


The stopwatch is more for setting speed records and stuff in certain game modes. In those game modes, the faster you do stuff the more upgrade points you get. It isn't super crucial to the game mechanics itself.

First purchase ;P

:D First comment on your purchase! Have you played yet? Is it fun?!

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So, from what I've been able to see. This is probably the game of this type with the most explosive potential I've ever seen. Not only that, it also  probably is the most ambicious one I've seen. Having said this, the game feels like its still very green.  Green to the point where I don't know if its worth 8$ yet (Emphasis on "YET").

It has a number of bugs, some are just visual bugs, others are more bothersome, but I'd say that if you (the developer) have had enough motivation and talent to create what's already done, you should have no problems polishing the current imperfections of the game.

I hope you keep investing time on this project, and believe me when I say that I have very big hopes on this game because this is the first time I've actually written a review on a game of this type, I just had to, its really good.

Also, to anyone interested in buying this game. Don't let my opinion influentiate you. If you like this kind of thing you will enjoy this game, so I deeply encourage you to buy it.

Edit- This was written when the game was in its earliest version (1.0.0), lots of things might've changed from then.

Thank you for your feedback; I really appreciate it! Did you try the most recent version 1.0.1 with a host of bug fixes and improvements?

For more direct support: https://discord.gg/3KDd2PX